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Shake One - afslankshake

Calivita Shake One
Om af te slanken
500 gr

plantaardig eiwitpoeder om gewichtsverlies te ondersteunen
Hoeveelheid in voorraad: 11
29 €
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Shake One - eiwitshake ter ondersteuning van gewichtsverlies of het opbouwen van spiermassa

Shake One
Plant-based protein powder to support body weight loss

To whom and for what do we recommend it?

A smoothie with fiber, vitamins, enzymes and acai

Protein and carbohydrate supplement with white chocolate and raspberry flavor, easily soluble in water, plant drink, enriched with vitamins, minerals, chicory root inulin (soluble fiber), acai berry extract, enzymes: papain, bromelain, supporting people on a reduction and building diet fit figure. Prepare a tasty dietary cocktail by adding milk or water. The Shake One Pure protein-carbohydrate cocktail helps you lose weight, sculpt your figure, prevent muscle loss during a diet, satisfy your sweet tooth and support muscle regeneration after training. It is a perfectly balanced source of plant-based protein for both vegetarians and meat eaters.

To whom we recommend?

  • Everyone who wants to take care of their figure.
  • People on a reduction diet to supplement it with important substances with a nutritional and physiological effect.
  • In order to support the proper metabolism of macronutrients and maintain proper energy metabolism.
  • After training, for muscle recovery.
  • People who want to maintain and / or increase muscle mass, especially not to lose muscle instead of fat during a reduction diet.
  • For people to strengthen the body's protection against oxidative stress, which is significantly increased during exercise.
  • In order to reduce the feeling of fatigue and weariness that often occurs during reduction diets.
  • People who have a ravenous appetite, in particular those who cannot resist sweets.
  • People who care about the proper level of sugar in the blood.
  • To maintain proper electrolyte balance.
  • For people who want to change their lifestyle to a healthy one easier and more effectively.

How to use Shake One

Serving of cocktail Shake One replaces one of daily meal, is recommended to drink nutritious shake for breakfast and dinner (supper), and the lunch (about 500 kcal) should be consume normally. Light lunch (as in a 500 kcal diet): lean meat, lots of vegetables (steamed or raw), plus cereal. And if you fancy for something sweet, try Burn One. All the details of your diet you will learn from the program guide One Diet, which you will receive free of charge buying Shake One in the promotional package. In the package you will get 2 packages of Shake One, 1 pack of Burn One, fiber Pure Inulin or Nopalin and unique One Diet shaker.

Did you know that, according to a survey conducted among our consumers, giving up sweets is a problem for more than half of people on a slimming diet?

food supplement Calivita Shake One

500 gr


Shake One active ingredients

Shake One in the 14-day CaliVita One Diet weight loss program

Shake One

powdered protein cocktail supporting slimming, maintaining a healthy weight and building muscle mass

Protein powder from which you can prepare a tasty diet smoothie by adding milk or water. Shake One contains protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber that promote weight loss.

We recommend it for slimming, maintaining a healthy weight and building muscle mass
Shake One is also a proven solution as:

  • Meal replacement for weight control diets
  • For those who in a healthy way, want to satisfy the desire for sweets without remorse.
  • After training for muscle regeneration.
  • Lifestyle - change in lifestyle.

Shake One is a complete meal replacement
A serving of Shake One shake replaces one meal a day, it is recommended to drink a nutritious shake for breakfast and dinner, while lunches (approx. 500 calories) should be eaten normally. And if you fancy something sweet, try Burn One.

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You will learn about all the details of the diet in the One Diet program guide, which you will receive when you buy Shake One in a promotional package. The One Diet package includes 2 Shake One packages, one Burn One package, Pure Inulin or Nopalin fiber and a unique One Diet shaker.
One Diet Set with Pure Inulin
One Diet Set with Nopalin
Shake One sachets
And if you are often on the road or do not have time for normal meal, you can take with you Shake One in handy sachets.

  • Is not recommended taking chromium by pregnant women, nursing mothers and small children.

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Het product is beschikbaar in Speciale aanbieding
Shake One Pure
Plant-based protein powder to support body weight loss
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