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GoldMax - magnetische kalkaanslag eliminator

Calivita GoldMAX®
magnetische ontkalker
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GoldMAX - magnetische kalkaanslag eliminator

CaliVita® GoldMAX
CaliVita® Electronics

The base material of GoldMAX® magnetic limescale remover is neodymium, the strongest known magnetic substance. During the magnetic treatment the crystal structure and charge of the minerals change so the magnet prevents their setting; what is more, previously accumulated deposits can also be dissolved and removed from the systems. This way you can use natural energy, without the necessity of using aggressive chemicals, to prevent the formation of limescale deposits in the water pipes, which would provide a habitat for fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms.

CaliVita® GoldMAX magnetic limescale eliminator, which is based on Neodymium, currently the most powerful magnetic material is an environmentally friendly and energy saving solution for problems caused by limescale, whether you would like to use it with an Aquarion water purifying and ionizing device or with plumbing.

The magnetic limescale eliminator’s operation is based on the interaction of the strong magnetic field and the energy of flowing water. Dissolved minerals found in drinking water are prone to deposition.

In the course of  treatment the crystal structure and charge of the mineralschange, and therefore they are unable to adhere to surfaces. Moreover, sediments developed earlier may also dissolve and exit the systems. In this way we may prevent the formation of deposits leading to build up of fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms without the use of aggressive chemicals.

If used on an Aquarion pipe, drinking water may become even more delicious and may increase the life-span of the device as well. If fitted on plumbing, sanitaryware may be limescale-free, and the effectiveness of boilers, washing machines and dishwashers may increase so that the washed dishes may be cleaner while the washed clothes whiter.

how limescale is formed? When rain falls, the soft water is filtered through the soil. Getting through the layers of the soil, the water becomes richer in minerals, including calcium and magnesium-carbonate. A large part of tap water gets into the water pipes from bored wells, following cleaning, and this is how limescale finds its way into our homes.

Calivita GoldMAX

magnetic limescale eliminator


1 piece

  • To be used with Aquarion water filtering device, placed on the intake water pipe of the device, in order to prevent limescale deposits,
  • fixed on the main water pipe, it can make the water system limescale-free; the water heater, washing and dishwashing machines can become more efficient so the washed dishes will be cleaner and the clothes will be whiter.

  • The product contains a powerful magnet.
  • Keep away from pacemakers, television sets, monitors, measuring instruments and any magnetic data carriers.
  • Hold the magnets tightly as if they clash  against each other this may cause injury or they may become damaged. Keep out of  reach of children.

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GoldMAX magnetic limescale eliminator
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