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Detox Patch

Calivita Detox Patch
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De snelle ontwikkeling van de beschaving impliceert ook dat ons lichaam dagelijks wordt geconfronteerd met tal van giftige stoffen. Helaas kunnen we niet vermijden ontmoeten milieuvervuiling, chemicaliën, medicijnen en bepaalde consumptiegoederen. Grootste deel van hen kunnen zich ophopen in het lichaam. Detox Patch verwijdert ze uit het lichaam met behulp van oosterse wijsheid.
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Detox Patch - Ontgiftende pleister

Detox Patch
Detoxifying patch

To whom and for what do we recommend it?

Detox Patch active ingredients:

  • Bamboo vinegar
  • Cypress vinegar
  • Tourmaline
  • Agaricus mushroom
  • Achyranthis radix
  • Paeoniae rubrae radix
  • Siberian ginseng
  • Artemisia iwayomogi
  • Caragana sinica
  • Platicodon grandiflorum

The rapid development of civilization also implies that our body is daily faced with loads of toxins. Unfortunately we cannot avoid encountering environmental pollution, chemicals, medications and certain consumer goods. Bulk of them may accumulate in the body. Detox Patch removes them from the body with the aid of Eastern wisdom.

Detox Patch has three separate, but synergistic principles:
Its active agents are highest quality, completely natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their hydrophyllic properties, which helps to draw substances out of the body transdermally (through the skin).
Supporting the active agents is tourmaline, a mineral which has been found to naturally generate mild far infra-red (FIR) heat. Infrared heat tends to help stimulate circulation and thereby support the elimination of toxins and waste material from the body. Moreover FIR has been associated with other regenerative processes in the body.

Eastern reflexology is based on the principle that treating specific reflex points on the body may have a beneficial effect on other parts of the body and on general health. One of the key nerve centers for reflexology is the soles of the feet. By stimulating the soles of the feet, Detox Patch is intended to help support the body’s natural detoxifying and self-healing ability according to the principles of reflexology.

Directions: With the aid of the adhesive, apply to the soles of both feet for a continuous 8 hour period. It is ideal to apply prior to bedtime.

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Calivita: Detox Patch

12 patches


Attach it to your sole using the adhesive foil and wear it for at least eight hours. It is most comfortable if it is used during the night.

Active ingredients

Detox Patch active ingredients:
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Het product is beschikbaar in Speciale aanbieding
Detox Patch
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