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Organic Acai - Versnel je stofwisseling

Calivita Organic Acai
Premium Biologisch
473 ml

Acai is een exotisch fruit afkomstig uit het Amazone regenwouden, die uitzonderlijk rijk aan antioxidanten, vitaminen, mineralen en diverse aminozuren. Het heeft een hoge vezelgehalte maar het bevat relatief weinig suiker. Ons product van biologische certificering is afkomstig van gecontroleerde biologische boerderijen.
Hoeveelheid in voorraad: 6
40.90 €
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Organic Acai Pack
Premium Biologisch

3 betalen, 4 krijgen
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Organic Acai - Biologisch acaibessensap met appel- en kersensap voor een betere smaak

Organic Acai
acai fruit juice, liquid food supplement.

Organic Acai contains acai, exotic fruit from the tropical Amazon rainforest, it also contains apple and black cherry juice concentrates.

Organic Acai is Certified Organic which guarantees its ingredients come from strictly controlled organic farming, and are grown without the use of additives, growth regulators, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. 


Best before: see bottom.

To whom and when do we recommend it?

Organic acai fruit juice

Acai berry

Acai comes from the Amazon

Acai berry comes from the untouched areas of the Amazon, and not without reason, is called the "treasure of the Amazonian forests". Its newer, miraculous properties are constantly being researched and discovered by modern science.

Acai berry is the fruit of the palm Euterpe oleracea looks like blueberry. However, there are slightly larger and have a large stone.

Acai is an exotic fruit originating from the Amazonian rain forests, which is outstandingly rich in antioxidants, while it also contains vitamins B1, B2, C and E, niacin, iron, potassium, phosphor, calcium and various amino-acids as well as valuable phenolic compounds, including anthocyanins, bioflavonoids and phytosterols. It has high fibre content but it contains relatively little sugar. Aboriginals used the fruit to treat various problems such as: skin conditions, menstrual pain, digestive problems but also for diabetes, heart diseases and different types of cancer. Our product of organic certification originates from controlled organic farms.

Organic food is gaining greater recognition among consumers (organic / bio) food is produced using only natural methods. Acai berry is a wealth of nutrients, distinguished by extraordinary antioxidant potential - one of the highest among the fruits! Acai fruit contains 33 times more antioxidants than red grapes and 100 times more than green tea!

The active ingredients of acai berry can
  • have a positive effect on the appearance, beauty and figure,
  • support the protection of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA against damage,
  • take part in the removal of free oxygen radicals,
  • show a positive effect on blood vessels and the heart,
  • take care to maintain the proper concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood,
  • support the maintenance of normal blood glucose and insulin levels,
  • have a beneficial effect on the nervous system (concentration, memory, mental clarity),
  • contribute to maintaining proper energy metabolism,
  • support the immune system,
  • have a positive effect on digestive processes,
  • take care of the eyesight.

Organic Acai with Apple and Black Cherry straight from organic cultivation

The product meets the stringent requirements of organic production, in which drastically reduces the use of any chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or processing aids. This makes it richer in nutrients more effectively act upon the body and keeps the natural, intense flavor and aroma of the acai berry. Due to the rapid loss of its valuable nutritional properties of the acai fruit immediately after harvest are processed, among others, juices or purees.

Ecological food (organic / bio) is gaining more and more recognition of consumers in production, which uses natural methods. The Calivita Organic Acai product meets the stringent requirements of organic production, in which the use of any chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or processing aids is radically limited. As a result, Organic Acai is richer in nutrients and works more effectively on the body, and also retains the natural, intense flavor and aroma of acai berries.

Organic Acai with Apple and Black Cherry contains ecological juice made of delicious acai berries enriched with ecological concentrates of apple and cherry juices for even better taste.

Who do we especially recommend?
  • Those who seek strong antioxidant protection, especially smokers, people leading a stressful lifestyle or with an unbalanced diet, inhabitants of cities with polluted air and those who regularly consume alcohol,
  • those who wish to supplement the therapy against Metabolic Syndrome (high insulin levels, reduced glucose tolerance, excess weight, high blood pressure, increased triglyceride and cholesterol levels),
  • people who seek tasty supplements of organic certification for their body weight loss  diet,
  • those who want  to improve the resistance of the body,
  • in order to support the balanced functioning of the body.

Did you know that ... according to legend, the name acai berry comes from the name of the daughter of an Indian chief?

Amazon forest

liquid food supplement Calivita: Organic Acai

Organic acai berry juice with apple and cherry juice for a better flavor

473 ml
4-pak: 1892 ml


Take 30 ml (2 tablespoons) with a glass of water and drink before a meal. Shake well before use.

Organic Acai active ingredients

Ingredients in 30 ml (=serving size):

Organic acai fruit juice (Euterpe oleracea) 25010 mg
Organic apple fruit juice concentrate (Malus domestica) 3130 mg
Organic black cherry fruit juice concentrate (Prunus avium) 3185 mg

acai*juice (79,6%), apple* juice concentrate, black cherry* juice concentrate, acidity regulator (citric acid).

*from organic farming

Keep out of reach of young children. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied, healthy diet. Refrigerate after opening.

Produced for: CaliVita International B.V. Beursplein 37, 3001 DC Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Best before: see bottom.

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.

Why Choose

7 reasons to choose CaliVita products:
    • With an outstanding professional background, CaliVita has been offering its products satisfying the highest quality regulations for more than 20 years.
    • We always aspire to use natural base materials originating from the best sources.
    • During our developments, we work using better absorption, for example organic, forms.
    • We offer 100% quality guarantee for our products.
    • Our products are subject to a strict and multiple round examination procedure in order to continuously ensure excellent quality.
    • The vast majority of our dietary supplements are produced in pharmaceutical conditions in the USA.
    • The products are manufactured according to the principles of cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice), while continuous control and regularly scheduled audits by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are also performed. We work in close cooperation with the local licensing authorities in order to ensure that our consumers are always provided products of the highest quality.

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Acai fruit - Euterpe oleracea - the secret of longevity

The acai fruit (read: asai) - Euterpe oleracea - endemic to the Amazon rainforests is a sensational discovery in recent years. Since it turned out that the local people (natives) have been using this fruit for centuries both in traditional treatments and in their daily diet, scientists around the world have been studying the positive effects of acai fruit on the human body.
The secret of Acai fruit

A great antioxidant

The antioxidant properties of the acai fruit are some of its most amazing features. It turns out that among all fruits, it is the acai berries that have the highest ORAC index, which determines the ability to absorb reactive oxygen species. Antioxidants play a key role in the fight against oxidative stress - they inhibit the processes of oxidation and the formation of free radicals that form in our body as a result of stress, smoking, taking certain medications or eating contaminated food. Free radicals damage cells, which adversely affects the functioning of the body and accelerates the aging process. This is why acai berries can prove to be a brilliant weapon in the fight against free radicals!

What does Acai berry contain

Acai contains several different types of antioxidants. One of them are anthocyanins, which give the acai berry an intense, purple color. Another is ellagic acid, the name of which is worth remembering as it is a valuable plant ingredient that has been the subject of much recent scientific research. Acai berries also contain significant amounts of phytosterols.

In addition to antioxidant ingredients, acai is a real vitamin bomb! It contains vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), niacin, as well as vitamin C and E. The latter two also have an antioxidant effect! Acai fruit is also a valuable source of minerals: iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and amino acids.

Acai - a valuable component of the diet

acai fruit
Thanks to their unusual properties, acai berries are a valuable, basic component of the diet of the Amazon inhabitants. Their beneficial properties are also confirmed by newer and newer scientific research. And this is certainly not the end, because the Western world discovered the acai berry relatively recently, and its career is just beginning!

With its amazing antioxidant and nourishing properties, the acai berry fully deserves the name of a superfruit! We managed to put its valuable properties in a bottle and today we present the Organic Acai dietary supplement containing acai berry juice from organic crops, certified! Organic Acai has a natural, exotic flavor and aroma, and its formula makes it extremely easy to dose for the whole family! It does not contain added sugar, preservatives, dyes or flavors.

Why choose Organic Acai CaliVita®

A study by scientists from the University of Newcastle in England showed that plants grown on organic farms contain more valuable vitamins and antioxidants that support the body's physiological functions! What's more, organic products have a higher content of minerals such as iron.
Why is this happening? In organic farming, the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical pesticides that accelerate growth and development is significantly reduced, so the maturation process takes longer, and vitamins and minerals have more time to accumulate in the plant.
In addition, the ecological cultivation method protects the soil and is environmentally friendly.

Order and try our new product to provide you and your whole family with powerful antioxidant support!

Acai, King of the Superfruits

acai fruitThe diseases of modern times like tumors, cardiovasculardiseases and allergies are growing in number and increasing stress levels are prompting people to seek food from untouched areas of the Earth, far away from industrialized, polluted environment, in order to help us preserve our health. That is how acaï (Euterpe oleracea, pronounced: ah-sigh-ee) – a delicious berry, rich in nutrients,got into the focus of attention and gained high popularity in a short time, as well as earning the name “King of the Superfruits.”

fresh acai fruit in basketsAlmost half of the diet of some Amazonian tribes is composed of this fruit, which grows on the top of palm trees more than 25 meters high and is harvested twice a year. It is of dark lilac color, has an almost regular spherical shape, and consists of berries slightly smaller than those of a grape. Many compare its taste to the blend of red wine and chocolate.
Acaï is extremely rich in antioxidants, and contains vitamin B1, B2, B3, C and E, iron, as well as potassium, phosphorus, calcium and different amino acids. It has a high fiber content, while it is low in sugar. In 24 hours after harvesting it loses most of its nutrient value, so in order to prevent this from happening , acai is processed immediately and we can ingest it in the form of mash or juice.

Natives used acaï for treating several problems such as: skin diseases, as an antifebrile, against menstrual pains and indigestion. But they also applied it in the case of diabetes, heart diseases and different tumorous diseases. Acaï enjoys unceasing popularity among those on a weight loss program and many people share their experiences about it on the Internet. Although studies are still at an early phase, scientists continuously strive to support acaï with research, primarily focusing on its high antioxidant content.

According to rules of organic farming and sustainable development, the acaï crop of the jungle should remain where it is. That is why the highest quality acaï products can only come from an organic farm. In these farms they take care not to exhaust the soil by not using pesticides or chemicals, or applying genetical engineering.

Check out our news in e-mail and on our website in order to know as much as possible about this fantastic fruit.

Do you know the story of Acai?

indian womanLegend has it that once upon a time an Indian tribe had to facedrought and famine for a long time. Their chief commanded to kill every newborn child in order to curb the increase in population. But soon his own daughter, Iaca bore a wonderful, beautiful girl. But her father’s law struck her down as well and her baby was murdered. Iaca cried for 3 days and 3 nights, and then one night all of a sudden, she heard a baby crying.

She followed the sound and finally she saw her daughter in the moonlight under a palm tree. She went up to her and hugged her, but the baby disappeared and Iaca died in her sorrow. The next morning her father found her, with her arms around the palm tree, smiling, holding her palms upwards under the tree. The chief looked up and saw the branches covered with lilac fruit. He immediately ordered to pick them and it turned out that the fruit is delicious and nutritious and the tribe escaped famine. The chief named the fuit after her daughter, Iaca, read the other way round, acaï. That’s the origin of its other name, `crying fruit`.

An Evidence-Based Systematic Review of Acai (Euterpe oleracea) by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration, Journal of Dietary Supplements, 9(2):128–147, 2012
Pacheco-Palencia LA, Mertens-Talcott S, Talcott ST (Jun 2008). "Chemical composition, antioxidant properties, and thermal stability of a phytochemical enriched oil from Açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart.)". J Agric Food Chem. 56 (12): 4631–6.

Acai - Superfruits in action

One of the sensational discoveries of last years is the Acai (pronounced as: Asai), berries that endemic grows in the rain forests of the Amazon. After it became widely known that Indians from South America used this plant to treat numerous problems, modern science has employed scientists, who continue  constantly work on the study of beneficial health actions that this fruit possesses.


The most prominent are the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of this fruit. The term antioxidant means to prevent or slow the oxidation. In our body, as a result of stress, smoking, alcohol and drugs, as well as the application of foods that are contaminated with chemicals, leads to the accumulation of free radicals, which can easily damage the DNA, cell walls, important proteins and enzymes that oxidize (unsaturated) fatty acids, which can lead to illness. Antioxidants may halt these processes. Unfortunately, studies show that the vast majority of people do not consume sufficient amounts of fruit and vegetables, so unfortunately are deprived of one of the most important sources of antioxidants. However, studies show that oxidative stress plays an important role among others in the development of cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, several types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, as well as a decline in mental abilities. Acai contains numerous types of antioxidants. Anthocyanin, that gives the fruit dark purple color, helps in the prevention of high blood pressure and studies have confirmed that the intake of large amounts reduces the risk of heart attack in women. It is also proven that ellagic acid that berries contain, can prevent inflammation and damage to the collagen in cells due to UV-B radiation. Based on the results is also assumed that the berries with a high content of ellagic acid, such as the acai can help treatment of wrinkles and ignition after exposure to UV radiation. Acai also contains significant amounts of phytosterols, which have already been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and also have a preventive effect on cancer. Acai is a right vitamin bomb: contains vitamins B1, B2, C and E, and niacin.

Acai against obesity

Obesity has unfortunately grown to become a real epidemic, the widespread disease not only in developed countries but also in poor developing countries. According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), from obesity will suffer as much as 1.5 billion people. Obesity increases the risk of the emergence of numerous diseases. Such as are various types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diseases of the motor system, as well as hormonal disorders and infertility. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of symptoms that include high levels of insulin, reduced glucose tolerance, elevated blood pressure and elevated cholesterol and triglyceridesl evels. Acai's "international career" began in the form of the preparation that helps weight loss and success achieved in this field is still unmatched. Acai regulates blood sugar levels, which is one of the key factors for the success, because in this way they can avoid sudden sudden attacks of hunger. Tests have proven that consuming acai fruit for a period of one month helps to reduce the level of cholesterol and fats in the blood, and therefore may represent an effective addition to the fight against metabolic syndrome.

Unusual health properties of acai berries in the light of current scientific research

Euterpe oleracea (Acai) is a fruit found in the pristine forests of the Amazon, for centuries used in both traditional therapeutic treatments and daily diet.

Its positive impact on the human body, among others, on the heart, vision, gastrointestinal tract, joints, bones or carbohydrate metabolism has been studied by many scientists around the world. However, according to the researchers, this exotic fruit, hides even more power salutary action on our health!

Acai, in addition to components well known to us, additionally contains more than 50 yet unidentified substances that are not present in other fruits! Therefore, the advantages of its beneficial actions are still being discovered anew for the next scientific community.
Here are a few positive actions of this precious, coming from Amazonian forests, fruit on the human body.


Active ingredients of Acai fruit:
  • Maintain an appropriate level of cholesterol in the blood
  • Protect blood vessels
  • Reduce platelet aggregation
  • Care of proper blood pressure
  • Contain ingredients good for the heart
  • Are the antioxidant protection for cells
  • Help maintain the metabolism of homocysteine

Better digestion!

Active ingredients of Acai fruit:
  • Have a beneficial effect on the digestive functions
  • Detox the body
  • Prevent reflux and peptic ulcer


Active ingredients of Acai fruit:
  • Regulate blood glucose
  • Reduce the absorption of sugars

Active ingredients of Acai fruit:
  • Prevent macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts
  • Improve microcirculation in the eye

Strong bones and efficient joints!

Active ingredients of Acai fruit:
  • Have beneficial effects on bone and joints and connective tissue

Enhanced Immunity!

Active ingredients of Acai fruit:
  • Inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses
  • They supplement our diet in the active substances stimulating the immune system

Slim Silhouette

Active ingredients of Acai fruit:
  • Suppress appetite
  • "Turn up the metabolism"
  • Reduce the energy value of food
  • Help cleanse the body of toxins
  • Positively affect the intestinal peristalsis


Active ingredients of Acai fruit:
  • Inhibit the aging process
  • Help maintain a healthy, beautiful appearance
  • Protect cells from damage

Resplendent smile

Active ingredients of Acai fruit:
Take care of your teeth
  • Acai Berry is a source of valuable minerals that contribute to the maintenance of dental health: calcium, magnesium.

Effective thinking

Active ingredients of Acai fruit:
Have positive effect on the nervous system
  • Acai contains vitamins B1, B2, niacin and minerals: potassium, magnesium, copper and iodine supporting proper functioning of the nervous system.
Improve mental clarity
  • Acai berries are a valuable source of components reducing fatigue (vitamin B2, niacin, pantothenic acid, iron, magnesium).
  • Fruit of Acai improve psychological functions (vitamin B1, niacin) and cognitive function (iron, iodine).

Support for physically active people
Active ingredients of Acai fruit:
  • Preferably affect muscles
  • Support for joints
  • Help maintain electrolyte balance and acid - base balance
  • Support the transport of oxygen and iron metabolism

So countless literature data point to many benefits of consuming acai berries and drink acai juice.

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Recensies over Calivita Organic Acai

Experience the effects of Organic Acai!
Acai has become known worldwide as a fruit that helps regulate blood sugar levels, which is one of the cornerstones of a successful diet, because it easier to avoid sudden attacks of hunger. A 2009 survey sought to determine the effects of Acai on 10 obese people who had a high risk of metabolic syndrome. Measured glucose levels, insulin and fat and blood pressure. It was found that the levels of sugar in the morning, blood sugar after meals and insulin levels significantly decreased. Use Acai also contributed to reducing the total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol while good HDL cholesterol levels remained the same. The organic acai juice after a first year in our network gained a lot of fans. Here are some great feedback on the effects of this product.

Missing suffering that lasted for 53 years

My dear friend and associate recommended the Organic Acai his 81-year-old sister, who was suffering from bronchial asthma and heart of 28 years of age. She used drugs to reduce the unpleasant symptoms. She stopped working at the age of 48 years. The organic acai was taken since November 2013. She took the 2x2 tablespoons a day for a month, and then the 1x1 tablespoon a day.

Fantastic product performance was felt after two weeks, when she was able to stop taking drugs. She used it for another two months, but in January it is used rarely, only in foggy, rainy weather. The organic acai helped, in 90% reduced the unpleasant symptoms of suffocation, which lasted 53 years. Improved her quality of life as well as physical strength.

She is thankful for everything, and she's glad that with help of CaliVita® came to this great product, which is recommended to everyone.

Juice Simovits, TPM, Hungary

The energy I felt almost immediately

My working day is often very long and stressful, lasts 12-14 hours. At the end of the day often feel weak and exhausted. Then I started taking new Organic Acai, which my friend already taken. The energy I felt almost immediately, but it most important effect was to stabilize blood sugar levels, but I almost do not even notice that was because my irregular diet. A stress is not a hard to overcome and I have a lot more power. On top of that, my appetite has decreased.

Gabor szül, Hungary

For diabetes, influenza and obesity

The organic Acai I first met it when he came to Poland in the fall of 2013. The first big plus for Acai that does not contain sugar! As I am a diabetic I recommend it to all diabetics.

This year, the season of intestinal flu, my daughter could not take any medication. For three days she drank only water and organic acai for rehydration organisms. Acai for her was both food and medicine. She recovered without taking any medications. I recommend Acai to people who want to lose weight. I also  recommend it and older people like me (70 years) or those with chronic diseases to strengthen the body.

Elzbieta Turska, Poland

I forgot to catch a cold last winter!

When Acai became available in the CaliVita network, I read a lot of literature about the great effects of the product on human health. Soon I myself become a user. I took 3 x 1 tablespoon a day and in addition to the usual effect of raising mood, I felt two things. First, I stopped so want sweet stuff, and my good stash of chocolate is no longer attracted to. I just did not have the need as before. And it's good that it happened because the blood sugar level for me was at the limit of normal. The second thing I notice now - but last winter I did not even have any cold! The truth is that I  used Acai with SambuRex and vitamin D in drops (D drops).
These two products will be my choice again this autumn.

Dr. Edit Varga, TPM, Hungary
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